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Why Is December Important?[]

I, Monkeys, was born in December. Which automatically makes it the most awesomest month of the year. Beat that, Awesome!

This month is important because it has a bunch of holidays. Christmas, Kwanza, and Hannucka are the only ones I know. Christmas is important because the church celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, and kids get presents. And while kids also get presents in Hannucka, it's different because you celebrate the festeval of life and you get to light the menora and play with a dreidal.


December, depending on where you live, brings a ton of snow. Snow is good because it makes people happy, until you have to shovel it. Then it makes people miserable.

People like to catch snowflakes on their tongue, make snowmen, and play snow sports.

Calvin and Hobbes from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, enjoying snow.