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Pickles are 'Portant

Wow, okay seriously. You really don't know what Pickles are??? If you are really that much of a wierdo, just go to normal boring wiki, or kill yourself or something. But whatever, I might as well tell you. Pickles are cool with warts and sour. YUCK!! Every human being needs to know that Pickles are the most random and important food ever. Never ask why, they just are. And they are fun to say. PICKLES. If you aren't a human being (which means you are some sort of highly intelligent animal or an extraterrestrial being) then you should learn about PICKLES anyway as they are very important to our culture. 

Popular Uses For Pickles

dicks can be used for all sorts of wonderful and magical things such as:

  • Use for killing
  • Writing Wikis about
  • sucking
  • pissing
  • holes
  • infections
  • Admiring
  • Random boredom Googles at school or work
  • Dressing up in clothes and googly eyes and acting out your favourite movie/TV scenes
  • Inserting into people's pockets as a joke
  • Inserting into people's instruments as a joke, almost all instruments are compatible, except for the also random harmonica
  • masterbating
  • Leaving on a teacher's computer keyboard or laptop
  • Staging battles with bananas
  • Stealing and then burning if you are a llama

Pickles on TV

It is widely known that pickles are the most random food ever, and therefore make random appearances on our television sets. Whether it is in an episode of your favourite show or a cheesy black and white movie on daytime television, the whole world gets excited when a pickle comes on screen. Here are just a few examples of pickles on TV:

  • In episode 3 or season 2 of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Gil Grissom electrocutes a Pickle to show burn marks similar to those they should find on an electrocution victim. Random? Definitely.


Followed closely by pickles are the more well-known bananas. And that's the only reason that they aren't as random, because they're too well-known.

pickles on youtube yaaaaay

There was a video called IM IN A PICKLE I ATE THE SCREEN!

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